Currently, I'm the PR and social media mastermind for a small but mighty non-profit in Baltimore, MD.  

My dream job is running a non-profit performing arts center that puts on provocative music and theatre performances and provides a space for youth and adults to hone their craft—be it acting, writing for the stage or screen, or putting poetry to music. I want to create a safe space where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience the intensity and enchantment of stage performance.

I'm currently pursuing my non-profit MBA.

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(Outside of) Work.
I'm a writer, artist, and musician.  I am currently polishing the manuscript for my first novel.  I blog about my creative life because we can all benefit from sharing our joys, struggles, and lessons learned in a community of like-minded people.  I also want the world to know creativity and art is a way of life, and we can be more than one kind of artist.