Monday, January 3, 2011

So This is the New Year...

If you haven't noticed, Mix Tapes & Scribbles has taken a holiday break. I had a mind to announce this, but decided I would just make sure I kept posting over the holidays instead. Instead, here's what I've experienced:
  1. Watching the last Broadway performance of Rent  before leaving for Christmas (not even in the same class as the movie version, folks).
  2. Traveling to PA for a whirlwind four-day weekend of Christmas festivities.
  3. Singing with my dad, cousin, and the church choir on Christmas Eve and experiencing four-part vocal harmony for the first time.
  4. Finding out that yes, if pressed, I can still play the piccolo proficiently.
  5. Getting good at the drums in Rock Band.
  6. Spending two days trying to fly from Baltimore to Los Angeles, including some really exciting foul-weather landing attempts and an unexpected overnight stay in Houston.
  7. Finishing my wool wrist warmers and beginning to knit an afghan.
  8. Taking a lot of photographs and feeling inspired to write.
  9. Seeing Black Swan at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood..
I'm sure there's more, but during this crazy adventure (which remains ongoing—I'm still in L.A.) I haven't had much blogging time in my days. Not to worry, I'm working on a new piece of writing about it all and once the dust settles, I'll have a lot of fodder for the blog. Until then (i.e. until the weekend), posting will be light.

However, I have another artist feature in the can and I'm going to leave you with a short list of resolutions for 2011. These will return with some friends in an upcoming post about goal setting/management, but for now, I'd like to do the following in 2011:
  1. Write a script
  2. Finish my novel
  3. Be in a flashmob
  4. Learn a dance
  5. Submit to six literary publications
  6. Write and feature more guest posts
What do you have in mind for the new year?


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